One of the main reasons your clients rely on you is to help them plan and execute a path to a secure financial future. But what about that wild card: retirement healthcare?

The stark reality of healthcare costs can interrupt the carefree dreams of retirement, and how those costs can challenge the most well-planned financial strategies. That’s why Medicare insurance planning is so important for your clients as they “age into” Medicare at 65.

Medicare Advisors provide your clients a trusted resource to help them plan their retirement healthcare security alongside their financial security. Professional Medicare advisory services from licensed insurance agents is the opposite of fast-talking telemarketers whose goal is to close an enrollment “sale” in a single phone call.

ActivAge Medicare Advisors’ operating philosophy is based on three key tenets for our clients’ retirement wellbeing.

  • Freedom of choice:
    You and your doctor decide what’s best for your course of care, not an insurance company
  • Cost predictability:
    Ensure as much predictability as possible by considering monthly premiums and total out-of-pocket expenses
  • Personalization:
    Matching our clients’ needs with the best available solutions

Our financial advisor referral partners appreciate our consultative approach to their clients’ Medicare planning and enrollment. Our goal is to protect them from unforeseen healthcare expenses during retirement; to help realize the benefits of all your planning for them so they can continue to be “ActivAgers”.

For more information on ActivAge Medicare Advisors, contact Lynn Morang at or call 941-567-6000.